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Spotify is an online music streaming platform that proffers clients the ability to stream music anywhere and everywhere. It additionally has a feature like listen to music for free, sharing play-list and efficiently synchronize with a social media platform i.e. Facebook.


More Quantity = More Discount = Less Price


Important Notice: Orders which have errors due to not following the guidelines, are not eligible to get a refund.

  1. Please make sure your link is visible to public before placing order.
  2. There shouldn't be any country restrictions on the link.
  3. The Link should not be password protected.
  4. The Link should open directly when clicked or browsed.


Will my account get banned?

Till now while conveying genuine plays, we have never had anyone's account prohibited.

If I ordered two services, Will you delivered simultaneously?

We offer 256 bit SSL protection throughout our site. Genuinely, if you order multiple services at the same time. We will deliver at the same time.